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Bicycle Transit Systems

Bicycle Transit Systems, founded in 2013, aims to be the world leader in bike share system implementation and operation. Leveraging over 25 years of experience in sustainable transportation, Bicycle Transit Systems brings a new approach to the planning, implementation and operation of bike share systems. With technical support or hands-on operation, we create the perfect interface between the equipment provider and municipal, business or institutional clients. Our mission is to make bike sharing a safe, easy, accessible and enjoyable way to get around.

Our Services

Bicycle Transit Systems provides Turnkey solutions in system planning, design, implementation and operation. We can provide our whole suite of services, or tailor our offering to suit specific needs. We work with cities, non-profits, institutions and private companies who are interested in planning, designing, implementing or operating bike share systems.

  • System demand analysis
  • Site planning and design
  • Station occupancy and installation permitting
  • Equipment recommendation, selection and acquisition

About Us

Who We Are

Bicycle Transit Systems is passionate about developing efficiencies in operations and logistics. From years of experience we know the unique challenges that face each system, and we challenge ourselves to find innovative ways of overcoming them. The team is led by Alison Cohen, an entrepreneur who has been a pioneer of the bike share industry since 2008. She is joined by Chris Cassard, Brodie Hylton and Peter Hoban. We are professionals and leaders at the forefront of a new and exciting industry. We believe that we can make a difference and change the face of our urban environments.


Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen is a multi-faceted leader with experience as an entrepreneur, in business and in non-profits. Based in Philadelphia, she has arguably the broadest and deepest experience in bike share in the United States and globally. She also serves as Strategic Advisor for Bike Share Services for Toole Design Group. Prior to that, she led the procurement, negotiations, sponsorship and launch phases for systems in Melbourne Australia, Washington DC, Boston and New York’s Citi Bike. She is passionate about helping communities become greener, cleaner and healthier, and wants to impact people’s lives by giving them more freedom to get around as they please in a healthy and sustainable manner. She has been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Fast Company and Inc., and was named a Social Innovation Rockstar.

Christopher Cassard

Chris Cassard is an operations and corporate finance executive with a strategic perspective. As an experienced COO & CFO in bike share, he has led finance and operations through multiple contract negotiations and developed tailored business models for client cities. A former CFO of large private and public companies, he has achieved significant success growing enterprises, supporting international trade, managing information technology, and closing mergers & acquisitions. His early career experience includes Big 4 auditing, business consulting, treasury management and raising private equity. Chris is comfortable managing rapid organizational development in close support of operations, and has most recently has given his expertise to the fast-growing industry of bike share.

Brodie Hylton

Together with his Bicycle Transit Systems colleagues, Brodie Hylton has built, operated, and continuously innovated the United States’ largest urban bicycle share systems. Specifically, his focus is developing operational strategies and creating efficiencies to manage dynamic, customer-oriented, locally-powered, profitable bike share programs, and he knows a few things about marketing bike share as well! Prior to his career in bicycle sharing, Brodie served as Business Development Manager at Zipcar, where he successfully developed car-share sales strategies for the business and government sectors. An avid bike commuter, passionate about innovative solutions to environmental and social issues, Brodie has led people, created process, and procured business in the shared transportation industry since 2005.

Peter Hoban

Peter is a professional dedicated to the improvement of our urban environments through the development of sustainable transportation solutions. Peter managed the critical path to launch in eight bike share systems consisting of almost 12,000 bicycles at over 970 stations, in eight cities in the US and Australia. Peter specializes in the direction of critical early stage activities including planning, marketing, supply chain and logistics. Previously, Peter established Flexicar, Australia’s leading car share provider, where he helped the company grow from a pilot program to a fleet of over one hundred vehicles. Peter has been implementing and operating sustainable shared transportation programs since 2004. He has been a key player in an industry that has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years.

Contact Us

For more information about our product and service offerings, please email:, we look forward to hearing from you.

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